• Cartoondude135

    Boss events

    January 13, 2015 by Cartoondude135

    How can I tell which boss is the Epic Boss or the Raid Boss? i.e, the master plan Hillcrest Massacre had the following that I recall: Hot and Spicy LTQ, Kimiko Kasumi EB, Concord Turnpike SA, Shoe Box Event, Leaf Blower Man SLTQ, Nellie Pierce RB, Autumn Assault LTQ, Hillcrest Massacre War. In this case, Nellie Pierce is the Raid Boss. Heres me fighting the Raid Boss:

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  • Csaby

    Beach Bums is recruiting!!!

    December 19, 2013 by Csaby

    Beach Bums: Mid Rankd Syndicate (Top 650) Lookin 4 Active Team Players - Join 'Beach Bums' 198-933-432 ASAP

    After this war we will be cutting dead weight and will have atleast space for 10 active fighters!
    We need members to help run the team and make it stronger!
    No minimum donation required. Just donate what you can afford.During the Battle we expect you to earn a minimum of 4000 IP to stay in syndicate.


    Melee Defense 5/5
    Building Defense 5/5
    Gun Defense 5/5
    Respect 5/5
    Car Defense 5/5
    Armor Defense 5/5
    Building output 5/5
    Explosive Defense 5/5
    Job Payout 5/5
    Armor attack 5/5
    Melee Attack 4/5
    Hideout Health 3/5
    Hideout Damage 3/5
    Explosive Attack 3/5
    Car Attack 2/5
    Gun Attack 3/5
    Guild increase 56

    Defense Leader 1.8 Mill

    Only looking for Active Player…

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  • Beamer Happy Fellows

    Hi active players, here is the code for the Happy Fellows syndicate: 120721533

    We are a really active crew and super active, we do user GroupMe for chatting, so we know who does what, JOIN US for an active syndicate and enjoy Crime City! Level is starting at 50 but more important to GROW is your activity!

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  • Cartoondude135

    FIGHT CLUB code

    August 23, 2013 by Cartoondude135

    HERE IS FIGHT CLUB'S CODE! 594 261 945!

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  • CohibAA

    Crime City Syndicate Blog

    August 10, 2013 by CohibAA

    Visit my Crime City Syndicate Blog for Game Updates

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  • MicahLuv

    Pictures of Equipment

    February 7, 2013 by MicahLuv

    I was hoping someone out their could help me out by getting pictures of all the equipment and upload them! i am trying to work on an Item Compendium, and pictures would go great with it! Thanks for everyone who contributes on the Crime City Wikia. Also how do you have something added to the "Main Menu">Money buildings>Defensive Buildings>NPC loot>PvP loot>Mission loot>*NEW*

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  • Latinhoney


    April 3, 2012 by Latinhoney
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